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Born in 1938 in Napoli, Italy

Died in 2020 in Padua, Italy




ELC, Oculari 5x5 rosso giallo, 1962_fron

OCULARI - Oculari 5x5 rosso/giallo, 41 x 41 x 5 cm, Die-cut pressed cardboard and cardboard painted in tempera, wooden and aluminium frame, 1962


Sofa Environ one, Producer : Nikol International, 1970's

ELC, Margine 12, 1980.jpg

Margine 12, 80 x 80 x 4,5 cm, Collage of two-tone cardboard tiles on wood, 1980

ELC, Interferenza lineare 7 [radiale+spi

Interferenza lineare 7 (radiale + spirale), diameter 45 cm, Engraved plexiglas, steel pins, 1966-2003

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