Espace Meyer Zafra


Open since 2000, Espace Meyer Zafra is dedicated to showcasing Latin American and European artists in optical art, kinetics and geometric abstraction. Guided by the Venezuelan master Jesus Rafael Soto, Liliane Zafrani thus embarks on the artistic adventure with a space located in the heart of the historical district of Maris, in Paris.


The gallery then presents the first generation of kinetic art artists such as Yaacov Agam, Jesus Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez, Antonio Asis, Narciso Deburg or Ludwig Wilding. It also exhibits the second generation of creators arrived later in France, following the footsteps of masters and mainly composed of Latin Americans, including Francisco Salazar, René Ugarte, Manuel Merida, Cesar Andrade and Dario Perez Flores. It also shows the Northern Italian group which includes artists such as Marina Apollonio, Manfredo Massironi, etc.


Espace Meyer Zafra opens today for the younger generation, giving young artists the opportunity to be valued and to discover the behind the scenes of the art market. This is how the very fresh work of Leopoldine Roux, Alina Birkner, Richard Schur, David Rodriguez Caballero and Alexis Hayere is exposed.


While opening a showroom in New York, the gallery presents the work of its artists on French and international fairs (Miami, Paris, New York, Madrid, London, etc.). Personal and collective exhibitions are also regularly organized in the Marais area and the works are part of many private and public collections around the world.


Evoking the creators she promotes, Liliane Zafrani explains that they have "this geometry calculated, playful sometimes" that gives the creations their full strength.


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