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Born in 1952 in Caripito, Venezuela

Lives and works in Paris, France and Caracas, Venezuela




The life of Ismael Mundaray, punctuated by various changes of residence, is marked by the different places where he lived, particularly near the Orinoco River and indigenous communities. These multiple experiences will have a real impact on all of his plastic work. Marked by a particularly rich political history, Venezuela and its culture are the subject of Mundaray's research.
After many years of work on the symbolization of objects, Ismael Mundaray now tends to adopt a vision more centered on the landscape and the different spaces that belong to us for their beauty and symbolizing a Venezuela in full destruction due to the Mining Arc, leading to the deformation of the landscape and the escape of indigenous peoples.
His peaceful and endless Amazonian landscapes made of thick and diverse layers - though filled with the energy that characterizes the nature he depicts - take the viewer into deep reflection on chaotic climate change and the fragile future.

With multiple exhibitions in public and private institutions and in important art fairs (FIAC, Arco Madrid, Art Basel, Art Cologne), Ismael Mundaray is one of the important Venezuelan artists. His work has been crowned with 15 awards and his works are part of public and private collections around the world.

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