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Born in 1979 in Lyon, France

Lives and works in Bruxelles, Belgium


Born in 1979 in Lyon, Léopoldine Roux studied at EESAB in Rennes before moving to Brussels to finish her training at ENSAV La Cambre. The setting in motion of color, the exploration of its range of possibilities in the form of flow, crust or enveloping skin refocuses Roux's practice on a gestural issue. It encompasses the fields of painting, sculpture and performance at the same time.

In 2010, under the eloquent title The Big Escape, Roux, like Claude Rutault, turns paintings face down against the wall, and spills the paint over their stretcher, in thick drips. Epoxy paint for car bodywork and polyurethane foam are incorporated into his workshop kitchen to broaden his range of possibilities.

Begun in January 2019, the Hasta el Cielo series consists of an overlay of thin layers of oil glaze applied by hand to the canvas. Dozens of superimposed glazes, the test of time (drying time to be observed), which cover the canvas until its surface is smooth. It refers to the nebulous and penetrating vastness of the sky, to Joseph Turner's journeys in the mists, in his search for the depth of time; that moment that lasts and lingers in color. Hasta el cielo tries to materialize the intangible. It’s a game between body and color; where attempts to erase the trace become fingerprints and signatures.

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