Born in 1979 in Lyon, France

Lives and works in Bruxelles, Belgium




I felt that the canvas was not the ideal medium for my paintings because it required a static reading on the wall (fixed - right and left, from top to bottom). What I really wanted was to hide the surface, break the status quo ... So I started working on the idea that painting is everywhere and that painting is spatial and alive. The streets and local public spaces have become my canvas.

Since 2004, I have produced different action paintings for the outdoors.
The 'pink fountains', the big 'sweaty' colors, chewing gum painting, bird painting, painting for the sky (coming soon!). With these actions, I try to make abstract painting objective, popular, sensitive and sometimes playful. I want to contaminate the area around the idea that abstract painting has its own way of being physical.

The minimum statement: what you see is an obvious concrete vision of life, worldview, perception of colors and shapes. Where everyone can create their own experience. Minimal art offers the opportunity to explore relationships and tensions between shapes, colors, time and space, without reference to images.

I want to explore minimal art, make connections, stimulate behavior and make people smile! As I do in my pop actions, create situations and curiosity, shapes and colors free of imposed interpretation. They are what they are and you see them as you are.

"The colors of Léopoldine Roux's painting become a medium, they gain in autonomy and give the work its identity. We want to touch them, feel them, and why not? - to taste them. It is a sensible way to paint the appetite for everyday life. "I would say," It's a sensible way to explore minimal painting. "

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