Born in 1987 in Nozay, France

Lives and works in Paris, France





Espace Meyer Zafra is pleased to present for the first time at the gallery a solo show of the young French artist Marine Provost which will be held in two parts : Prospectives Part 1 / Prospectives Part 2.

The development of this exhibition took place during an unimaginable period, that of the lockdown due to Covid-19. During this time of withdrawal, an exchange was created between Marine Provost, Grégoire Prangé and Romaric Ledroit, in which they share their fears, their intimacies while evoking the work of Marine Provost.


Marine Provost’s artistic approach is inspired by the rural world and the mechanical universe. During her first artistic years, geometric abstraction served as a medium for her reflections. On the occasion of this solo show, Marine Provost will present new works around the theme of nature during the first part, then will offer a reflection around her nostalgia for the post-automobile era during the second part. Marine Provost shares : “Today we are in reports of chaos, of apocalypse, these are terminologies that we often find in the media; and is to be oriented towards a neutral future, we are in movement, without any prospectives. The main thing is to imagine a future, because there is a future, whether dark or happy, whatever, there is a future. My job is to defend the idea of pre-nostalgia for the end of an era, the end of petroleum, it’s a post-automobile era, my works evoke that, it’s the world after, it’s is anticipating this nostalgia that I already have. ”.

If these last two artistic approaches may seem far removed from what Marine Provost previously proposed, it is not indeed. Scientific rigor always exists in her latest creations and the influence of the rural world and the mechanical universe is still felt. In addition, Sandra Doublet already revealed in the Geometric works by Provost “a supplement of seduction, of physicality which she did not have until then.”. This carnal, physical relationship

is further liberated in the last works of Marine Provost.