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Born in 1964 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lives and works in Miami, USA


The work of Patricia Golombek is an analytical study of architecture; the structures and solutions implemented by architects around the world. The artist's architecture allows him to translate the language used by architects into visual representations of their creative processes.

By bringing the floor plans and initial design elements to the forefront of his work, Golombek saves architectural details that are often forgotten once construction is complete. The artist dissects a selection of elements from the architect's work, presents spatial solutions and often compares the projects of different architects in the same room. The language used by Golombek is not strictly a copy of the original, but rather a reference to the work of the architect. As such, the purpose of the artist is to highlight the vocabulary and specific traits that are attributable to the same architect and that are found throughout their work.

Golombek uses in his analysis a plurality of supports, including painting on canvas, acrylic plates, cement, gold, silver and even copper on rubber. Its use of suspended and overlapping acrylic sheets is really an exercise in perspective, as they describe different architectural solutions based on the distance between the viewer and the room. The artist also develops three-dimensional works using floor plans as a stimulus.

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