Born in 1936, Venezuela

Lives and works in Paris, France




Yriam Perez grows up in art. His three brothers choose to join the School of Fine Arts in Valencia (Venezuela) and his parents are photographers. In 1970, she joined the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, in the tapestry workshop of Gino Silvestri, where she was distinguished by Josep Grau-Garriga. His initial taste for Gobelins tapestry evolves rapidly towards more contemporary textile creations, thanks to the discovery of artists such as Gego.


His first creations are tapestries in volume made of wool and cotton, in a range of natural and sober colors: beige, white and black. It was from 1980, after a trip to Mexico that she decided to bring color to her works.


His mastery of conventional techniques has allowed him to progressively push back the limits of our understanding of textiles as objects in space. Indeed, the desire of Yriam Perez is to bring the textile work out of the category of woven tapestries - defined by flat surfaces and adherence to the wall - and to develop a practice that borrows its strategies from painting, sculpture and architecture. In the manner of a painter, she chooses the composition of her colors, as a sculptor, she models and arranges the material and as an architect, she places the notion of volume at the center of her work.


Innovative, she transformed the art of two-dimensional figurative tapestry into a three-dimensional abstract art. Her great sensitivity, in the service of a meticulous textile practice and an innate taste for intertwining, weaving and weaving, makes Yriam Perez an artist who has the gift of making a world of materials move in space. .


Yriam Perez has participated in numerous biennials such as the Ibero American de Madrid, the Biennial of Champigny sur Marne, that of Fontenay sous Bois, Soissy sur Seine and the Salon de Mai in Paris.

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