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Born in 1963 in Petach Tikva, Israel

Lives and works in Roma, Italy





Shay Frisch Peri’s language is the outcome of a mindset that tends to pit art’s productive gesture against the modularity of industrial production. This gives rise to his paradigmatic essentiality and reduction of the creative process to the clearness of a gesture that can be controlled and repeated. Vital thrust and surgical precision support the creative strategy that gives form to the material or precociously dematerializes it as an installation.

Frisch Peri confirms minimal art’s primary line of investigation, with an analysis of the structural elements upon which the notion of painting and sculpture rests: light and space. His works and installations shed light on such an analysis through a phenomenal process which presents these painterly values as a concrete event. Light is not represented in the geometric rhythms of futurism, but rather highlighted and rendered volumetric through formal structuring which concretely frames and contains it.

Ultimately, Frisch Peri’s work strives towards architecture, an inhabitable space for the body and mind. The solution it puts forth is vaporized in space and silently diffused onto its setting (floors and walls). As with Rothko’s painting, form comes undone before the viewer’s eyes and acquires a liquid and invasive force. The geometry of darkness opens its slits and hands traces and hints of light to us.

Frisch Peri’s aniconic work is inspired by powerful spirituality. He seems to subject the slowed-down spectacle of birth and mystery to our perception: the passage from the darkness of the material to light, the life of understanding. An artist of our time, Frisch Peri weds the spirituality of form to the modularity of reason, introducing the construction of a home formally inhabited by profound reason.

Text by Achille Bonito Oliva

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